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BayZone is in the business of ensuring environmental efficiency when it comes to water conservation. Our products are as a result of years of research and development and thus can provide huge water usage savings here in Australia and around the world.

Retrofitting water meters, a necessity for water management, should be mandatory for all dwellings, lot entitlement schemes for water are no longer fair or reasonable, all dwellings should have their own water meter. It is not right that a family living in a unit pays the same as the single person next door, just because of an out-dated term- Lot entitlement, this was OK when water was cheap, and a flat rate applied, water rates now have price tiers that penalise those who use little or conserve water, how times have changed, water is now one of life’s necessary budget items. Retrofitting in older dwellings such as units and apartments can be a costly exercise, retrofitting water meters with Automated meter reading (AMR) can deliver the usage data via radio wave or hard wired solutions, retrofitting water meters can now be carried out easily and afford-ably, no need to remove walls etc.

“The vast majority of apartments and units in Australia do not have individual water meters. The total water bill is simply split on a per unit basis based on a reading taken by local authorities at a meter in the street which is unfair. Careful and low water users are subsidising wasteful and high water users to the tune of $1,000’s of dollars. Now there is a low cost solution!”

Peter McCallum – Managing Director BayZone
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