Spotting a water leak is now easy to see.

This chart illustrates daily consumption across a four week period. A steady consumption pattern, then wooshka!
When excess and/or abnormal water flow starts, Bayzone® Water Tracker System (Pat. pending) sends alerts to nominated persons allowing them to get onto the issue fast.

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All properties will experience a water leak at some time, from pipe leaks to faulty washers, and most often the problem is not recognized until the Quarterly Water Bill arrives. The Bayzone® Water Tracker allows you to be proactive by recognizing abnormal water flow and addressing the problem fast. Whether a high-rise office tower or apartment block, shopping centre or fast food restaurant, food or beverage processor, you will save money and potential water damage from leaks with the Bayzone® Water Tracker system (Pat. Pending).

The Cost of a Leak - Industry Example

Today, discovery of a leak is generally found when the Quarterly Bill arrives. If you do not recognize the change in consumption and cost, this was the potential Cost scenario for a local business.

Leak measure: 1 litre/minute = 526 kilolitres/year
Residential Cost: $3.80/kilolitre x 526 = $1998.80/year
Commercial property Cost: $3.80/kilolitre x 526 = $1998.80/year
Total cost/kilolitre: $7.58 x 526 = $3987.08/year

Commercial Water Leak Calculator

A concealed water leak can be very costly.

Simply input your local water authorities costs and the discharge factor. Then calculator will work out the excess bill you may be paying if you have a leak.

If you don't monitor your water, this may help you decide


Watch our video below to see how Bayzone® Water Tracker works or contact our office today.