The Bayzone® Water Tracker was developed by Peter McCallum, a professional plumber for over 25 years, who recognised the need for plumbers to become pro-active and assist their clients in emergencies such as water waste and consumption patterns to determine how best to manage water usage in their business.

The system is a ‘plug & play’ management tool with a specifically designed App (Pat. pending) empowering plumbers to be the ultimate water professionals. After 10 years of development and on-site testing we launched the Bayzone® Water Tracker system in July 2015.

Bayzone’s Water Tracker™ has been designed and developed for Plumbers looking to assist their clients with 24/7 water leak & usage tracking, allowing them to attack water problems fast.

It is easily installed within 15 minutes – pushing notifications and alerts via the web direct to your computer, mobile phone or tablet with our exclusive App providing a proactive tool to address water leaks or abnormal water consumption fast – and save you money. The dashboard is simple to read with a variety of graphic options to suit your needs. It reports 24/7, by 15 minute cells, every day, week and month, allowing you to track the trends, and identify the issues.