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Identifying anomalies in daily water consumption is now easy.

The charts below show multiple water usage points in a 24 hour Fast Food Restaurant - for Post-mix, clean-up, toilets and irrigation.

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chart comp 24 1   chart comp 24 2

The Bayzone® Water Tracker system (Pat. Pending) can also include a series of interconnected data loggers which allow you to track varying points of water usage 24/7. The system can be employed to provide tenant specific consumption in high-rise office towers and apartment blocks, shopping malls and marinas, OR, provide specific usage consumption for restaurants and Clubs, Golf courses, service stations/car washes, food processors, breweries, chemical manufacturers and bakeries.

Proactive diagnostics from your Bayzone® Water Tracker system will save you money by clearly illustrating where your water is consumed 24/7 allowing you to identify water usage reduction opportunities.

Watch our video below to see how Bayzone® Water Tracker works or contact our office today.