The future of the plumbing industry is about adaption and utilisation of technology and that is why partnering with Bayzone Water Tracker is about securing our future as plumbers.

Management of water and all of its associated infrastructure inside a building is the responsibility of licensed plumbers but sadly most plumbers fail to observe and grasp the opportunities. Thankfully Peter McCallum of Bayzone® Water Tracker system (Pat. Pending) is not one of those plumbers.

garymayWorking with Peter in putting together the installation of data loggers into buildings and all of the associated infrastructure and technology that enables us to monitor a buildings water supply in real time has proved the value of the technology countless times.

Partnering with Bayzone® Tracker will lift any plumbing company into another dimension of technology and customer service and it will remove you from competing with Joe Bumcrack plumbers who fail to understand or respect the plumbing industry and its values.

Gary Mays, Why Wait Plumbing

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